Hey, I'm Gemma! 

Yes, I was that little girl playing ponies, cantering around on my imaginary steed and building show jumps out of anything I could find. As I got older I never lost the love of horses (was that even an option?) but I did find a new love of writing. 
Luckily, I don’t have to canter around on an imaginary pony anymore (that would be weird) as I have my little horse Blue. And as for the love of writing, that never disappeared either which is why copywriting is literally my dream business. 
If you’re one of the equine or rural business owners tearing your hair out trying to find the time and inclination to write copy that connects with your audience, you’re not alone. 
You’ve got the vision, knowledge and ideas but putting it into the right words is too time consuming and frustrating. 
Whilst there’s a million things you’d rather do than sit at a laptop writing content, I relish it! I love being able to craft your copy in your brand voice that builds trust and attracts new clients. 
We both know, as an equestrian you can spot copy a mile off that’s been written by a non-horsey person. Working with an equine copywriter means you can focus on your core expertise, make a lasting impact on your clients lives and help them reach their goals. You might even have time to ride your own horses more too! 
I do know how difficult it is to write your own copy. It can be really hard to tout yourself as ‘the expert’ and good old imposter syndrome is no joke. Added to the pressure of how to pay that unexpected vet bill that always appears at the worst possible time, it’s no wonder it can be tough finding the right words. 
A benefit all my clients have in common is feeling the huge weight lifted off their shoulders, knowing their content and copy is taken care of. Plus, they’re not having to waste valuable time explaining horse or country terminology! 
When I’m not writing for my clients, most of my time is split between Millie the sprocker, the latest addition to the family and my little horse Blue. Oh and not forgetting Gary, the patient other half. 
So, now you know an equine and country copywriter is what you need in your life, book a free discovery call with me and let's get to work! 

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